Top 5 Tennis Bag for Women in 2022

Bags play an integral role in a tennis player’s life. It helps them keep things organized and in a systematic manner. One needs to make sure he/she buys the bag that has sufficient space for all equipment. When choosing a tennis bag consider the size, color, shape, and style to make sure it is the … Read more

How to Find Sponsors to Fund Your Pro Tennis Career

If you plan to play tennis professionally, you need to have the right approach, tips and tricks, as well as sponsors. The role and purpose of sponsors is to find your brands that are willing to take care of your travel costs, road costs, hospitality, food, and your professional gear. If you’re not really sure … Read more

Tennis Shoes vs Sneakers: What’s the Difference?

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10 Tallest Tennis Players of All Time (Men & Women)

Tall players are said to have an additional advantage in tennis. However, the record of Grand Slam winners does not agree with the fact. Height does not guarantee success in tennis. Although tall players have explosive serves, their moves are a bit caged. It has pros and cons. Here is the list of the tallest … Read more

Coco Gauff Career, Life, Net Worth 2021

Coco Gauff is an American professional tennis player. She is the youngest player in the WTA Top 100 rankings. She is currently ranked 19th in singles and 13th in doubles. The 17-year-old tennis sensation surprised everyone when she defeated Ons Jabeur to become the youngest player to reach the Roland Garros quarter-finals. Here are details … Read more